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Sewer contractors for all types of sewer repair, service and installation. Need sewer cleaning? Sewer drain cleaning service can be handled by a sewer contractor with the right sewer cleaning equipment and experience. A sewer inspection to detect problems in your sewer system may be needed to find the root of the problem. A backed up sewer or a leaking sewer pipe can be caused by a number of sewer plumbing problems. What may appear to be a simple backed up toilet may be a much bigger problem in your sewer line.

Some sewer contractors may only offer sewer drain cleaning services while others may service a sewer main line, sewer lateral and installation and repair of sewer pipes. Major sewer repairs, sewer installation or replacement of a sewer pipe, may not always be handled by the average plumber and you may need to hire a licensed sewer contractor. Check for proper insurance and licenses.

You should also verify the information with local and state agencies. Not sure where your sewer line begins or ends? Your local water and sewer company will let you know when it's your responsibility. Be prepared and find a qualified sewer contractor you can trust in case of a sewer emergency.

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